Our Difference

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BEcause everyone is on their own journey...

Own Journey's vision is to help people reach their own amazing potential through travel. 

Tailored to the needs of young people keen to explore who they are whilst traveling the world, Own Journey travel offers you a unique travel experience.

Tours integrate a unique personal development program based upon positive psychology principles, with young travellers aged 18-23 enjoying five workshops exploring concepts such as empathy, gratitude, resilience, mindfulness and authenticity across ten day tours of Cambodia.

You'll explore historical, touristic and cultural sites whilst enjoying all of the social benefits of group travel. Own Journey's unique personal development program is woven throughout the whole journey. You'll build your resilience, enjoy new and different life experiences, and have the freedom to discover more about who you are simply through traveling across one of the world's most beautiful countries - Cambodia.


Discover the world. Discover yourself. Own Journey.