Own Journey was developed with the intention of helping to empower people through international small group travel. We are committed to ensuring that your privacy and personal information are as safe and secure as possible, and we take all reasonable precautions to make sure this happens. Review our Privacy Policy so that you know how we use, store and manage your information. 

Own Journey trips are all about investing in your well being, so it makes sense that we prioritise your safety. We’ve engaged Intrepid Travel, world leaders in adventure and small group travel, to deliver our on ground itinerary, so you’ll be in good hands. To ensure you are getting consistent messages about safety considerations, Own Journey will be guided by Intrepid Travel’s Safety Policy, which you can review here. Pay careful attention to the Safety Policy’s recommendations and review the policy page regularly for updates.

Our Booking Conditions outline the responsibilities of Own Journey's and our travellers. Carefully review these conditions as they outline the terms and conditions including those related to bookings, schedules, payments, cancellations,  refunds, and your responsibilities.